This is the last place of refuge.

Why another Forum?

We've been around for years. As we're not affiliated with or owned by any real estate companies, our ability to pay for advertising to attract new members is limited. We've survived on word of mouth and we'll stay that way until steam rolled to oblivion by FaceTwitter.

What makes us different?

In a nutshell, we're expats in Singapore who enjoy living here, with many of us now calling Singapore home. We have a healthy membership base of Singaporeans who welcome and like having expats in their country. Then we have the former expats who, despite leaving this little red dot, want to remain in touch.

Why you should join?

If you're tired of anonymous flaming when asking a simple question, bored with Big Brother Admins deleting any useful posts unless they get an advertising fee, if you're not interested in the best plastic surgery practices in Singapore, if you just want to hang out, relax and discuss life, this is where you need to be.