Not Good

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Not Good

Post by Tas » 16th Feb, '12, 09:29

I read this article loosely

But then the video played, and I saw what they put on the cheese and how they treated the bun, and my jaw literally dropped! Wasn't Gobsmacked as much as Gobdropped. ... 1ta3y.html
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Re: Not Good

Post by Lili Von Shtupp » 16th Feb, '12, 10:07

My stomach turned. :shock:
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Re: Not Good

Post by canuck » 16th Feb, '12, 13:22

why, why, why would you want a four patty burger? *shakes head* dipped in butter? blergh... do you ever watch man vs food? an effort if disgusting really....

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Re: Not Good

Post by slinky » 16th Feb, '12, 13:32

We were reading about this last night. That burger has about 6000 calories!!! That's enough to last a person for about 3 days and it's in one meal!! So wrong on so many levels.....

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Re: Not Good

Post by Spike » 16th Feb, '12, 14:46

Jeez, how absurd. Waiters delivering that to a customer should be called 'assailaints'.
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Re: Not Good

Post by Fat Bob » 16th Feb, '12, 20:46

Surely customers ordering it are the problem?
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