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Shipping from the US

Post by Fat Bob » 16th Feb, '08, 06:26

Just thought I'd list the options here.

One that is run by SingPost is vPostUSA. Many, including me, have had problems with this, my main problem is them losing stuff and their poor delivery times. Rarely ca you get a redelivery on the same day and really, they are pretty crap.

Another option, initially found via the HSBC website, is Comgateway ( Had two packages with these guys, and now they are my prefered shipper.

They are still not cheap, and still charge by "volumetric weight", which is a right shitter with Amazon as they never care about the size of package they seem to send you. Hmmmm....maybe get onto Amazon about that. However, they are cheaper than vpost: for a volumetric weight of 13kg, I was charged S$76.23, where vPost would have been S$132.32 (though I have recently seen a 10% discount with them).

Comgateway also deliver quicker (via DHL both times, within 7 days of delivery in the US) and as it is with DHL...well, if you miss their delivery during the day, they will deliver before 9pm in the evening. Great work I reckon!

If you can get the website to ship direct, that will always be preferable, but some don't, so this is a good alternative. Heartily recommend it.
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