Pest control at Tenant's cost?

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Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by kiwi » 27th Nov, '10, 13:33

Hi, i'm new around here and is looking for a condo rental. Am wondering if the following clause is right to proceed! Reading it gives me the impression pests might already be a problem in the unit...but i might be wrong.

The tenant shall take up a contract from a reputable pest control company to carry out routine pest control services including but not limited to the control of termites, rats, ants and cockroaches, save where the landlord has delivered the said property in a clean and safe condition free of infestation. The landlord is responsible for pest control (including fumigation) when the pests are evident at the beginning of the tenancy. A copy of the contract is to be provided to the Landlord within 3 months of the commencement of the Tenancy

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Re: Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by Fat Bob » 27th Nov, '10, 13:55

Doesn't always mean there is a problem, just means that if a problem arises, you take care of it.

In my view, this is something the landlord should do as it's his property and he should be safeguarding it. There should also be things the condo management is doing (if you are in a condo).

Negotiate this clause out, and have something similar making sure it is the Landlord's inserted. If needed I can try to find suitable wording.
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Re: Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by Sardonicus » 27th Nov, '10, 22:31

Do the mods check the IPs of first-time posters?
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Re: Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by baloo » 27th Nov, '10, 22:40

Sardonicus wrote:Do the mods check the IPs of first-time posters?
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Re: Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by BoD » 28th Nov, '10, 10:46

Does sound as if there is an existing problem. You certainly don't want to be responsible for anything to do with termites. If there is a likely issue then I would expect the condo management to have a contract with a pest control co
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Re: Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by Snaffled » 28th Nov, '10, 11:15

Based on the normal viewing when looking for condos, you may have no idea if there is a pest problem so I would say no to signing this.
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Re: Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by Kooky » 28th Nov, '10, 11:54

Having recently been through two episodes of termites and been blamed by the landlord (because he's too tight to pay for regular inspections and was also uncontactable in Europe for a month when we first discovered them - how unreasonable of us) I would have this clause removed or walk away. Actually I would be tempted to say walk away with your wooden furniture intact.

And yes, I've been a landlord as well as a tenant.

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Re: Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by Scrummy Mummy » 28th Nov, '10, 11:58

I would walk away too

Having been infested with cockroaches due to building work at the condo next door, NOTHING we did would get rid of them. Only regular treatment of the whole building had any effect at all.


Re: Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by kiwi » 29th Nov, '10, 13:34

Thanks guys, appreciate the responses.


Re: Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by litmon » 9th Feb, '11, 17:32

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Re: Pest control at Tenant's cost?

Post by Morrolan » 9th Feb, '11, 20:42