PM Message Issue?

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PM Message Issue?

Post by slinky » 12th Mar, '09, 12:07

From what I can tell I actually have 7 PMs saved in my inbox and it looks like 9 PMs in the sent items box but it says something like '7 of 50 messages stored' -- last time I checked, 7+9 was not 50. SM said she was having trouble sending me a PM, yet I did receive it but from her end it must have looked like I didn't --- does that make any sense?

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Re: PM Message Issue?

Post by MM Admin » 12th Mar, '09, 12:12

The number 50 is the maximum messages you can have in all of your "boxes, so to speak.

When you reach or exceed 50, the message will not be sent but sit there waiting until you clear out some of your older saved messages.