Tony Niklinson

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Tony Niklinson

Post by daffodil » 22nd Aug, '12, 21:10 ... ght-to-die

Been following this story since I watched a documentary on Tony's legal battle to be allowed to die with dignity (for want of a better phrase). Both Tony and his wife, Jane, came across as sincere and pragmatic about their respective lives.

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Re: Tony Niklinson

Post by Fat Bob » 23rd Aug, '12, 00:04

Sad indeed, that he had to force the issue.

Saw some of the debate in NZ around euthanasia. I think it's something that you will never get any side to change their views. And whilst parliaments across the world uphold any form of religion as a means to get voted, then it is unlikely it will be allowed in many places.

Such a shame indeed.
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Re: Tony Niklinson

Post by Tas » 23rd Aug, '12, 05:39

Didn't follow too closely other than headlines after earlier reading as it was a case that made me feel too sad, and found the images of his pain too affecting. But definitely a case where rest in peace is the only thing left to say, peace was the pursuit.
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Re: Tony Niklinson

Post by Morrolan » 23rd Aug, '12, 09:00

i'm glad it's over for him.

also quite glad that being Dutch, I would have access to assisted dying should the need arise.

i admire the efforts of Terry Pratchett around the whole dying with dignity discussion.