Stop puffing day

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Stop puffing day

Post by Fat Bob » 31st May, '11, 08:06

World No Tobacco Day - you should put your fags down boys and girls.
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Re: Stop puffing day

Post by daffodil » 31st May, '11, 08:59

The news certainly hasn't reached my workplace, where it's estimated that a staggering 70% of staff are smokers. Such a joy coming into work each morning to be greeted by a total smoke haze from the graveyard shift workers having their end of day fag.

Although, the government is apparently trying to enforce a smoking ban in public places in Makati - the same ban that's been in place since 2003. :roll:
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Re: Stop puffing day

Post by Tas » 31st May, '11, 10:05

They've finally banned it in China, if they can do it there, they can do it anywhere!
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Re: Stop puffing day

Post by Joseph27 » 1st Jun, '11, 09:51

10 year anniversary of not smoking... I still want one most days but am happy i no longer partake.
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